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Liberty Falls

Years ago, a rogue group of insurgents, calling themselves HAVOK, coordinated a series of assaults on major US cities. HAVOK swiftly seized control, leaving  you and your desperate group of survivors no choice but to unite, pooling your resources and skills. 

We have just learned of an enemy stronghold tucked away in a nearby alleyway.  We need you to locate and infiltrate the enemy bunker, take down their systems, then make your escape before HAVOK's agents return. 


The destiny of our nation now rests squarely in your hands.


Detective Lockwood

Vincent Lockwood is missing and we believe another attack is imminent. You've been called in to gather evidence, find the Reaper's secret lair, and uncover the mystery before more innocent people are hurt. The problem is, can you trust the clues you find, or has the Green Reaper already gotten to Lockwood?


The Pet Shop

The devious pet shop owner, Anita Stake, has been known to illegally sell some of the rarest animals on the black market.  With the news of a local zoo suddenly missing a rare fluffbearcat, you and your furry friends take immediate action! 

Posing as simple house pets, making it into the pet shop was the easy part.  Now to find Mr. Fluffkins and escape before the sinister Ms. Stake returns!




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Once your adventure is booked, every person over the age of 18 must complete a liability waiver.

5 min from The Villages, FL
  Clues, Clocks, and Keys)

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